Management Committee & Trustees

To keep the Reading Room working well two groups of people help make it happen: the Management Committee and the Trustees

Management Committee:

Chair Ian Abbott Donnelly
Secretary & Treasurer Helen Fancourt
Booking Secretary Andy Totten
Technical Advisor Michael Bratley
Engineering Consultant Brian Yates
Village wisdom Sheila Dalton
Technology Research Brian Smith
TBD George Hayward
TBD Rob McNeish

Trustees: Bainton Poor's Charity

Chair Michael Bratley
Clerk to the Charity Philip Robson, Daltons Solicitors
  Jill Wreford
  Jill Plant
  Ian Abbott Donnelly
  Tony Gowers
  Nigel Clough

Many Thanks to Elaine Ward. For many years Elaine has been the booking secretary and the main key holder, both are vital jobs to keep the Reading Room functioning well. She has always cared for the people who use the Reading Room as will be greatly missed. We wish her well in her new Stamford home.

Many thanks to Shiela Bratley who has served many years on the committee, your influence on the warm character of the Reading Room can be seen everywhere and many people cherish memories of the activities you have made happen in this special place. Thanks from all the committee