About the Reading Room

In 2010 we celebrated 100 years

The Reading Room is a village facility that is used for a wide range of social, sporting and educational events and is a focal point for the village. The aim of the Bainton Reading Room Committee is to manage the day-to-day operations of the Reading Room for the benefit of residents of the parish of Bainton & Ashton.

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Chair Ian Abbott Donnelly 01780 740009
Sec. & Tres. Helen Fancourt 01780 740091
Bookings Andy Totten 01780 740381

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Peterborough City Councilno longer provide any funding - one of the things that has been cut!

To be able to cover our running costs and maintenance we also run 'Friends of Bainton Reading Room' where people donate £20 a year.

In addition we get a contribution from the Parish Council, Buttercross Club and the Trustees. Occasionally we get donations from individuals.

The hall was built in 1910 by the Bainton Poor's Charity on land donated by Lord Kesteven.

Around this time lots of people did not have books and this became an important part of the community. It has always been a reading room however after the 1st world war its use became broader and its usefulness as a meeting place meant that is function became very like a village halls.

The books were kept in a bookcase with wire mesh doors opposite the front door. These were to be read on the premises. At night the hall was lit by paraffin lamps.

Later this static collection of books was replaced by a mobile service run by Northampton County Library. Twice a week they would bring boxes of books fo the village to borrow.

In 1964 the Soak of Peterborough Council took over this service.

One of the main hall walls is where we hang pictures of significance to the Reading Room and the village. If you have any that are suitable we would be glad to find some space.

The kitchen has been re-fitted in the past few years and has the space and facilities to cater for big parties. All good parties revolve around the kitchen, so this is probably the centre of the community... there is nothing more sociable than a group of people washing up!


We have free wifi available at the Reading Room

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